Snow! Where Are You?

Yes, I know we’re only a few days into the winter season, but something is lacking across The United States. Do you know what it is? I am sure the title gave it away..SNOW! OK, so yes there is snow out there, but compared to what is normal and especially compared to last year, this year is definetely lacking. Let’s compare. The first graphic below shows the snow cover last year to date:

Last year was certainly an odd year for snow cover. Not because of the fact that 48% of The United States was covered in snow, but more so where the snow was located. Seeing North Carolina covered in that much snow is odd, but that’s about it. The places that should have snow on the ground certainly did. The average snow depth was also impressive, nearly half a foot. Now, let’s compare the same date to this year:

This year so far looks dry, way to dry. Places like Minneapolis, Chicao, SOuth Dakota, Eastern Montana all have bare ground. Not even a trace of snow can be see. If anything, Guymon,Oklahoma has more snow than Minneapolis. Now, that’s weird. Half of America is snowless compred to the same date last year (23%), and the average snow depth isn’t anything impressive either, only 1.5″.

This map will change though. Looking at the middle of January does show a more active pattern for places that are lacking snow. Happy shoveling everybody!



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