Snow…Where Are You?

You may not notice it here, but trust me, it’s a growing problem ..and that’s the lack of snow! Don’t believe me? Check this out.

I usually plan out most of my ski trips in January. There’s suppose to be snow, lots of it by then, but not so much in Colorado. I took the above picture in Breckenridge of a “black-diamond” run. Typically, this would have a few feet of snow on it. Not so much this year. Here in Oklahoma, we pray for rain, but in Colorado, they pray for snow. (Say ’em tonight please). And it’s not just Colorado..check this out to see a comparison of this year to last.

One year ago we were doing great with snow coverage. If anything, probably too much snow out there. But, the ski resorts were loving it. 62% of The United States had snow with an average depth of 6.3 inches. This year, it’s been a completely different story:

Now, look at yesterday’s snow coverage. Not lookin’ so hot. Only 16% of America has snow with an average depth of 1.5 inches. 1 month ago, 34% of America had snow. There was more snow in the fall than in the winter. But, where the snow is may be somewhat surprising. Midland,Texas has more snow than Chicago and Minneapolis. Who would have thought that? Wow!




3 Responses

  1. I’ll go a step further: Midland so far this season has received more snow (19.5” as of 1/11) than Chicago (1.9”), Minneapolis (10.1”), Cleveland (10.6”), Syracuse (12.9”), Boston (1.5”), and Portland, ME (10.0”).

    However, it can’t touch Valdez, AK’s 303” of snow (which I had to look up after hearing the recent news reports from Cordova). Then again, I’m not sure many locations can. Do you know if that’s a record for a non-mountain location?

  2. Hmmmmm… No-man, nor even the Angels, will no when the time comes… Look around you tho… God is leaving clues everywhere.

  3. Welcome back. Patience is rewarding. We still have February and March. 🙂

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