Tornado Season Starting Now?

You may see the title above and think it’s way to early for tornado season. And, if you’re thinking about Oklahoma, then yes, you’re right. True, we do see tornadoes just about anytime, but for Oklahoma, our tornado season doesn’t begin to peak until late March April and especially May. But, in other parts of America, tornado alley is peaking much earlier than OKlahoma. Where?

Say hello to “Dixie Alley”. A “tornado alley” that is located in the southeast. Tornadoes are less frequent in this part of America than here in Oklahoma, but despite the fact that the frequency of tornadoes is less, the likelihood of tornado-related deaths is actually higher than Oklahoma. Tornadoes here can be long-track and due to the fact that this area is denser in population, the chances of hitting towns is higher.Also, visibility is less and tornadoes are often rain-wrapped. Check out the tornado tracks below in red. Those are so long track tornadoes!

So, when is Dixie Alley most active? Usually late winter and early spring is when you’ll see tornado watches popping up. Why now? It all has to do with The Gulf of Mexico and the amount of moisture that it is sending north. The Gulf is limited right now to how far inland it can send moisture and thus, within a few hundred mild of the water is where we’re likely to see tornadic storms.



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