2011­-12 Winter Season To Date: Mild and Wet

We’re in the middle of winter but it hasn’t really felt like it.  Temperatures have been milder this season than they were the previous winter to date.  Oklahoma City is currently a little over two degrees above the average temperature for the months of December and January, compared to last year when we were 1.5 degrees below.  This mild weather has a little to do with a climate pattern we call La Nina.  Take a look:

During a La Nina pattern, the waters over the equatorial Pacific Ocean cool.  A high pressure ridge will set up south of Alaska, which tends to keep the jet stream to our north more often.  This typically leads to warmer than normal conditions for Oklahoma.  What about precipitation?  La Nina typically leads to drier weather for Oklahoma too.  However, that has not been the case so far this winter.  OKC is 0.41″ above the average on precipitation.  Keep in mind, that this has everything to do with the 2.23″ of rainfall we just picked up last Tuesday.

Snowfall has been hard to come by.  We’ve only seen a trace of snowfall this winter, compared to last year to date, 0.7″.  Then, the blizzard of 2011.  Almost 12″ of snow fell; well above the normal 9.5″ for the entire winter!

Some of Oklahoma’s greatest snowfalls come in February and March with the OK Panhandle being the most likely place to see heavy snow in March.

So, snow lovers, don’t let up hope now, we still have another month and a half left to see the fluffy white stuff!

-Danielle Dozier

One Response

  1. I am still praying for snow. I would do almost anything for a winter like we had last year; you can never have to much snow!

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