February Soaker?

Did somebody say La Nina? Yes, she is still going on out there, but looking at stats alone, it’d be difficult to see this past January as your “typical La Nina January”. True, we were warm and had it not been for last weeks rain event, we would have been dry. But if you’re just looking at the stats, then the fact that we did have an above normal rainfall January is certainly not typical of an Oklahoma La Nina January. And, it looks like the start of February may begin just as wet.

Another low pressure system will drop down into The Southern Plains and not only bring us a chance for rain starting late Thursday, but a chance to receive a lot of rain. The latest model models are thinking this:

There are a lot of colors on this map…and we’re seeing all the right colors right over Oklahoma. Yes, this map may change as we inch closer to the start of the event, but if we were to take the models for their word, then we could be seeing all of the main body of Oklahoma with at least 1 inch of rain with some areas picking up perhaps more than 2 inches. Are we still in La Nina? You know it! Is Mother Nature behaving like La Nina should? Not one bit! And no one should be complaining.



2 Responses

  1. I will take whatever mother nature gives even though I too have preferences… everything has its season. thanks for the update.

  2. I hope the rain follows through!! We need the moisture so badly. I am praying for a huge snow storm. You know the kind; where the flakes are big and wet and kinda go “blop” when they hit the ground. Are you seeing any storms like that for us in the future??

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