It’s Colder in Alaska…

Yes, we all know Alaska is suppose to be cold. But, should it be colder than Mars? Apparently this cold snap is making Mars look like a good vacation spot.

This morning’s temperature in Fairbanks was -27 degree. Yes, that’s cold though not as cold as yesterday and the day before when it was 50 below zero. Either or, this morning’s low temperature of -27 was in fact colder than parts of Mars. I won’t give Mars too hard of a time here, afterall it is a planet whose atmopshere is less than 1% of earths, thus it’s not able to shield itself from the suns radiation. This means you can have some wild temperature swings from a comfortable spring like 70 degrees, to a chilly 225 degrees below zero at night. But still, the fact that Mars is actually warmer than Alaska makes me either A) Not want to visit Alaska in the dead of winter or B) Not want to visit Alaska in the dead of winter… tough choice there…

– Damon

PS- Special thanks to Mark Ingalls for supplying the image.


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