Hello Winter…

MISSING: WINTER 2012. If found..please send to following address: THE UNITED STATES. Reward if found.

We’re now midway through the winter season and so far it has felt nothing like winter. This past Janaury was the 8th warmest on record and not once have we had a day this winter season that has seen highs below 40 degrees. (Yes, there was an event in early December, but that was fall..let’s be technical here.). But, for the first time this winter season, we’re about to get hit with a decent “blue norther”. (aka..cold front).

By midday Tuesday we’ll likely see a front moving right through The Oklahoma City Metro with immediate impacts felt. By Tuesday evening temperatures will be in the lower 30s, Wednesday morning, in the lower 20s and teens and by Wednesday afternoon, when so far most of our temperatures have been in the 50s, on Wednesday will look like this:

That’s right, by 1pm on Wednesday, our temperatures will be struggling to get out of the 30s. Yes, we’ve been spoiled with the warmth, but remember it’s still winter for another 7 weeks, and it will certainly be feeling like it for Wednesday and Thursday morning. If you don’t like the way this map looks, don’t worry, we’ll be back in the 40s and 50s by the end of the week. Of course this airmass isn’t brutally cold. Those ones usually keep us in the 20s all day and teens and single digits at night. But given how mild this winter has been, this air will certainly have you remembering that it is indeed February…and not April.



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