Messy Winter Weather Ahead

Here’s an update to the storm I’ve been tracking for the last several days.  While it does not look like it will have a lot of moisture with it, it will likely create travel problems Sunday night into Monday morning.  This storm will have fresh, arctic air to work with at the beginning.  Warmer air will try to return to Oklahoma Sunday night.  The question becomes, how quickly will temps warm above freezing?

THIS AFTERNOON:  grab your winter coats as arctic air spills into Oklahoma.  It will be dry, but a gusty north wind will make it feel like the 20s and 30s much of the afternoon, despite some sunshine.

TONIGHT:  pretty cold compared to what we’ve been used to.  Temps will fall into the teens and 20s, with single digit wind chills.  Bundle up!

TOMORROW:  coldest Saturday of the year with highs in the 20s and 30s.  Wind chills in the teens and 20s.  It will be dry with some sunshine.

SUNDAY:  much of the day will be dry and cold.  Highs will be in the 30s.  In the west, snow, sleet and perhaps even some freezing rain will develop by late afternoon and continue into the evening.  I expect travel will be come slippery for the evening hours.

SUNDAY NIGHT:  The winter mix will spread east into central Oklahoma during the evening.  Again, I expect worsening travel conditions from the evening into the overnight hours in the OKC metro area.  Temperatures will hold steady in the low 30s, or perhaps even climb slightly overnight.  If temps can rise above freezing, road conditions will improve.  However, if the cold air is stubborn and temps stay 31 or 32 degrees, slick roads could be a problem into the Monday morning drive.

MONDAY:  The winter mix will continue to shift into eastern Oklahoma as temperatures slowly climb.  The precip should end in OKC by lunchtime.

These are the things that I have the highest confidence in:

–This will be the coldest weekend of the year so far.

–The winter mix will begin in western Oklahoma late Sunday afternoon, or during the evening.

–The winter precip will progressively move east Sunday night into central Oklahoma.

–Overall precip amounts will be relatively light.  Liquid amounts of around .25″, with perhaps as much as .50″ in southeast Oklahoma.

–There will be some slippery roads Sunday night into Monday.

–Temps Monday will warm above freezing by mid to late morning allowing slippery roads to thaw.

Given the overall low amount of moisture, and its speed, this storm will not likely produce heavy snow, or heavy amounts of anything.  But there will be enough precip to create slick travel.  Stay up to date on this storm through the weekend with Eyewitness News 5 and  You can also follow me on Twitter at RickMitchellWX.



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  1. Rick Mitchell, I love listening to your weather forecasts, but it just makes me cringe everytime we have this nasty weather like we are supposed to have this weekend. The cold weather makes me hurt very badly. I am so ready for the beautiful weather that we are going to have this spring and this summer. You are an awesome meteorologist, Rick. You are the greatest.

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