Allergy Season Arriving Early?

I usually reserve the topic of allergies for spring, summer and fall. But apparently the lack of a true winter is making the plants and trees think that NOW is the time to start pollinating. Yes,’s back… ALLERGIES! Allergy sufferers usually rejoice during the winter months as it gives them a special time of year to not have to pop pills  every day. But this year, because of the lack of a true winter, the pill-popping may be happening earlier than many had hoped for.The most recent allergy forecast had tree already registering as “HIGH” on the pollen count.

And with daffodils already thinking that it’s time to bloom, it looks like grass and weed pollen won’t be too far away either. So, does this mean that we can expect the allergy season to end earlier than normal? It’s tough to say. Oh spring time in Oklahoma…


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