Hello Champagne Powder!

There’s snow, and then THERE’S SNOW. In this case, the winter that wasn’t before mid-January has suddenly turned into the winter that was for Steamboat, Colorado. If you recall Colorado was hurting for snow for December and a good portion of January. I recall my fiancee and I skiing in Steamboat and a few other Colorado resorts and noticing more rocks than snow. But, within the last few weeks Colorado has been hit hard by snow and now it’s to the point where it’s making headlines. Steamboat set a record, and not just any ole record, but a snowfall record. And when you’re setting snowfall records in Colorado during the winter, you know that’s some serious snow.With a liquid-to-snow ratio approaching 20/30 inches of snow to 1 inch of water is some very dry snow, which can and will add up quickly.

27 inches of snow in 24 hours is a lot, and what’s nuts about this record is that this is just a 24 hour record, more snow fell before and after midnight. The previous record was 26 inches. Not bad, and since February 1st, the resort has picked up 5 feet of snow. Of course this comes with some caution, as you would expect, the avalanche danger is very high for Colorado. Either or, way to go SKI TOWN, USA. See ya in the liftline.


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