March Tornadoes

It’s no surprise that every day we get closer to spring, we see the threat for tornadoes begin to increase. I know last week was quite the severe weather event and by no means should that be considered normal or a sign of what is to come this spring. So, what is normal for March tornadoes?  The map above shows us where meteorologists tend to focus their attention on in March for severe storms. And as you would have guessed it, the threat for tornadoes will be increasing with each storm system that rolls in throughout the month. But, the greatest area of concern remains in Dixie Alley where the tornado season there is about to peak. March is the beginning of the peak season for tornadoes in Dixie Alley where moisture from The Gulf and fast moving systems can generate tornadoes. For Oklahoma, that area of GREATEST RISK does move into Southeastern and Southern parts of the state.

If you recall, it was Dixie Alley that saw the massive tornado outbreak that killed over 250 people last April.

Remember, March is only the beginning of the severe weather season (and boy what a start we’ve had). Will this season be just as bad as last year? There’s no 100% answer. Every set-up is different and while La Nina tends to favor an active early Spring, just because it happened last year and has happened before does not mean it will automatically happen this year.

The only way we will know is to simply wait and see…



4 Responses

  1. be glad when summer gets here

  2. Damon, did you grow up in Oklahoma? Is this your first Spring/Summer here? Did you experience flying in the May 3rd 1999 F5? Probably not. lolol You’re going to be super busy and shocked with what we deal with starting April…May…June… *gasps*

  3. My comment is: Why do you always show weather alerts that are way off from
    where we live????? Tonite is one of the last nites of Desperate Housewives and you spend 10 minutes talking about a storm that is not even near us.
    Why can’t you show it on the bottom of the screen at least until it gets a little
    closer!!! Makes me want to change the channel. I would but I’m waiting for
    my show to come on. Please quit it!!!!

    • Carol, please remember there are people who live outside of where you live and thus, we need to cover them just as well since they too watch us.

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