You Sneezin’?

You sneezin’? You weezin’? This is why! Tree pollen is going bonkers now thanks to the warm weather and strong winds that seems to be blowing in most of Texas. I know a warm winter is what many of you enjoy, but the ramifications that come with it is an early start to the allergy season.

Tree pollen is high, especially coming from the Dogwood trees as the little white flowers can be seen. Good news though, heavy rain will wash all the pollen away for tomorrow.


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  1. Saw the story about the squirrel in North, South Carolina. I was stationed in the town of North from 1993-1995 at the North Auxilary Airfield. It is a training base for Charleston AFB and many other missions. Located 35 miles Southeast of Columbia, South Carolina in the County of Orangeburg. Very Beautiful Small Southern Town with the South Fork of the Edisto River running through it. The people there made me always feel at home. Very kind and good hearted people. They made me miss Oklahoma very much because we are just like the people of North,South Carolina. Look on Google Earth and you will see a large Air Base. Hwy 321 and 178 area.Very Quaint Town with Southern Charm and a Piggly Wiggly. Those were the days!!!!!!!!!!

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