Tracking A Slow-Moving System

Oklahoma needed the rain since parts of the state have been dealing with a drought.  However, inches of rain have caused local streets to fill with too much water.  Here is a look at some rainfall totals from the Oklahoma Mesonet as of 8 am:

Totals around the OKC metro have ranged 2-3″.  Eastern Oklahoma racked up the most as they continue to see rain this morning.

Pryor has picked up almost 6″ in the past 24 hours!  The culprit of this heavy rainfall is a slow-moving, upper-level low that is forecast to hover around our area over the next few days.  Here’s a look at the estimated track:

Rainfall totals will continue to climb in eastern Oklahoma where as much as four additional inches in isolated areas is possible.  Other parts of the state will see hit and miss showers and storms through Wednesday evening. 

So on this first day of spring, watch out for the flooding and flash flooding.  It only takes two inches of swiftly moving water to sweep you off your feet and six inches to float a car!  We say it all the time, but a reminder for you, do not drive through flooded roadways-even if the water doesn’t look that deep! 

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