Cold Air Funnel, Huh?

Yesterday was a nice day across Oklahoma. Though, for many, panick mode quickly set in when funnels started dropping from the sky. My cell phone went crazy and all of a sudden social media was being blown up with topics such as ” tornadoes all over Oklahoma”. It may have looked that way, but what many of us were seeing was far from being a tornado. So, what was it? It was a cold air funnel.. huh?

Cold air funnels can look threatening if you don’t know what they are. But there is absolutely no reason to be alarmed. They form well above the earth’s surface behind cold fronts in pools of cold air  and usually have winds no stronger than what you may find on a sunny day here in Oklahoma.

There was a reason why despite the numerous reports of these cold air funnels yesterday why The Storm Prediction Center never issued a Tornado Watch or why The NWS never issued a Tornado Warning. These are not tornadoes and never really had a chance to become one.

I promise you that here at KOCO we have a very smart weather team and never once were you in danger yesterday. We’ll give you plenty of heads up when severe weather is in the forecast.



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  1. I saw this yesterday driving! I kept telling my husband that it was a funnel! He said no no its just the clouds! Now I can show him this and show him I was right! It was weird though because it didn’t look like a tornado! There was no rotation around it. There was just a tiny little funnel hanging down! Thanks for clearing this up!

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