Update: Drought Monitor

It’s actually happened… what is usually the driest time of the entire year (the winter months of December, January, February and March) turned out to be wetter than  we were expecting leading to an official end to the drought for much of Oklahoma. Yes, I know some drought conditions still remain, especially in Southwestern Oklahoma where SEVERE DROUGHT conditions are still occuring around Altus as well as The Oklahoma Panhandle where EXCEPTIONAL DROUGHT conditions can be found from Boise City to Guymon.

For most of us however, the white shading above means that we are not in a drought. It wasn’t just one event that did it. I know this past week has been wet. (Remember the rains that were tabulated into this drought monitor were taken before Tuesday, so Wednesday and Thursday rains weren’t included here). It wasn’t one event, but a series of rain events over the past few months. This week was the icing on the cake.

The map above shows rainfall since Sunday. How far have we come since this drought was at it’s peak? One year ago, 91% of Oklahoma had drought conditions with 100% of the state being under a drought last summer. The worst of the drought, which is EXCEPTIONAL took over 54% of the state, compared to just 9% now.  45% of the state is now considered drought free compared to the 0% last summer. And more improvements will be made when next weeks drought monitor is issued.  Let’s keep the rain west for a while where it’s still needed most.



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