How Long Will This Last?

Is it Oklahoma City or Seattle? Well, if you’re looking outside your window, it may look a lot more like Seattle with the low clouds and gloomyness. So, when will the sun, and I mean, the days of full on sun return? Well… here’s the 8-14 day outlook:

It appears that we won’t be seeing any of the warmth we had last March. Which is a good thing. Let’s not cook the atmosphere up too soon. We’l have plenty of that this summer. The Southern Plains are easy to find on this map. One of the few places with normal to below normal temperatures.

As for the stormy pattern. It may hang around for a while. According to the 8-14 day outlook, the chance for storms (as our 7 day forecast would show) will remain for a good while. Southeastern Oklahoma and Southern Oklahoma have slightly higher than normal chances of seeing above normal rainfall. Sounds great..I know…but we may have to take severe weather with it.



2 Responses

  1. Don’t mind the rain too much. Don’t want severe or flooding though! How severe are the storms anticipated to be the end of the week through the weekend in the metro?

  2. We are recieving nickle size hail in woodward

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