U.S. Sees Active Start To Tornado Season

Tornado season is proving to be active across the U.S. this year.

According to the Storm Prediction Center, there were 225 preliminary tornado reports in March, which averages 80 tornadoes per year.

Most of these reports came from the tornado outbreak in the Southeast and Ohio Valley in early March.  You may remember the twisters moved through Henryville, Indiana on March 2nd causing damage.  That same system affected Branson, Missouri in late February.

The storm went on to cause $1.5 billion dollars in losses, making it the first severe weather event this year to top $1 billion dollars in damages.

Oklahoma saw its average number, four, tornadoes in March. 

April typically brings around 11 twisters, with May being the peak month of activity, averaging nearly 22 tornadoes.

By: Danielle Dozier

Twitter: @DanielleDozier


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  1. Scary scary scary, I lost my sister in law two years ago on may 10th Tammy rider. Her children were in icu for months. But I’m proud to say they are doing well now. Learning to walk again. Tornados terrify me!

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