Oklahoma: 1 Year Ago vs. Today

Last April, we were dealing with a small severe weather season and a huge fire season. The drought was bad and while temperatures may have been warm, the lack of rainfall was preventing the grass and trees from turning green. Check out this HI-RES image from space. I labeled Oklahoma.

Notice how brown everything is. Now, let’s look at the same area from earlier this week.

It shouldn’t take a meteorologist to make you see that even from space, things are looking green. To date last year, Oklahoma City had only registered about 2 inches of rain. Though, most of that came from a single rain event when we had about 1.3 inches in a day in February. As for this year, to date we’ve had about 9 inches of rain in Oklahoma City.

It’s one thing to see major changes from out your window. It’s another when you can see it from space. Awesome!


2 Responses

  1. Hopefully this too is a sign that we won’t have the record high heat this summer like we did last year!!

  2. Glad things have greened up. Can we get a blog post on what to expect Friday and Saturday, timing, coverage of storms etc. for the metro? Not really looking forward to this round or rounds of storms.

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