Day 1 Slight vs. Day 2 High

It’s a weather set-up that has many similarities and yet, many differences that Oklahomans may not be used to. First off, today is nothing new for Oklahoma.

Today’s risk is not as high as tomorrow. But, with very little to prevent storm development today and high instability, we could get some storms developing. Do not put your guard down today because you’re busy thinking about tomorrow. This is just one model that does show storm development later day.

The storm threat will increase during the over night hours as the low-level jet returns and adds to the shear. So, Northern Oklahoma may see some strong storms during the overnight hours. Now… to tomorrow….

This is where things get very very interesting. First off, I know we want to focus our attention on who has the high risk and who has the moderate or even slight risk. DON’T! Storms don’t care about risk areas or colors on the map. A storm in the red could be just a deadly as a storm in the yellow. This is the earliest HIGH RISK map that has ever been issued by The Storm Prediction Center. We means business here! But again, this is very unusual for Oklahoma to see a risk map out that is this extreme, this early, and the timing looks interesting too. Check this out.

There’s a chance that with the amount of instability and heat that storms could develop Saturday afternoon, but the main piece of energy does not look to roll in until later into the evening. This model shows where storms may develop. We’re talking around midnight here. And then into the I-35 area by….

Overnight severe weather is a scary thing. You don’t see tornadoes unless they are lit up by lightning or you see power flashes. We’re talking about the potential to see long track, strong, fast moving tornadoes here. You know we’ll be on all night long and if you can rest up on Saturday, that may not hurt so that you can remain awake during the overnight just in case.



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