Another Round of Heavy Rain?

Oh rain…where were you last summer? After going through one of the worst droughts in Oklahoma history since the dust bowl, things have quickly turned around.  And, within the next 48 hours, we could be seeing another round of heavy rain.


A cold front will be in NW Oklahoma during the day Thursday, allowing for a chance of storms to develop late in the afternoon. And while the severe threat is not high, given the fact that it is Oklahoma, and it is spring time, we certainly can’t rule out the chance to see a few severe storms. (This will not be anything like we had last weekend).

By Friday morning, we could be dealing with a good rain maker across the state, especially near the placement of the front. That includes you OKC! How much rain are we talking here?

This is one of the models that we look at here. Nice rainfall amounts, and while we want to fixate on the digits, pay even closer attention to the colors. The purple, and even the red, show that we could see some areas in the 2-4 inch range. Of course this may change come Friday morning, but given the wet pattern we’ve been in, it seems reasonable to believe, right?

So, lay off the sprinklers for a while… and give the ole lawn mower a nice little tune up.



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