Missing: Cold Fronts..If Found, Please Return

It shouldn’t surprise us that as we come to the end of the month, we  revisit the good ole temperature stat to see where we stand for the month. It’s been warm (no shocker there), but just how warm? The stat above tells you that we’re running about 3.7 degrees above normal, but fortunately, this warm month is still a ways away from cracking the Top 10 warmest April’s on record.

Tomorrow’s cold front will cool things down some for the short term. But, enjoy it while you can because after this weekend, getting fronts to move all the way south may be tough to do. Check out the 6-10 day outlook which takes us into the 2nd week of May.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think it safe to say that the models are hinting that we will see ABOVE NORMAL temperatures for a while now.  And no, this does not mean that July and August will be crazy hot like last year. I suppose the lack of strong cold fronts and lows would mean a decrease in widespread severe weather. Though it can’t be ruled out, it appears that for now, the weather pattern setting up for next week and into the 2nd week will be one that will not produce a whole lot of severe weather across The Southern Plains other than the occasional severe storm that pops up along the dryline. The storm track looks to remain well north, almost like we’re in late June or somethin.  Oh La Nina… you silly girl. You left us…and took the crazy severe weather season with you for a while. How typical of you…



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  1. lololol ahahahha.
    Aww I am not ready for the heat -_-“

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