Fields of Dreams….

Yes,I said “Fields”…as in..plural. If you haven’t noticed, Oklahoma and Texas are starting to go from green, to in some areas…shades of blue and purple. Yes, The Bluebonnet is back people! And this year looks to be one of the best ever.

Thanks to for taking the above picture in Ennis,Texas. The reports coming from Texas and eventually Oklahoma is that this years wildflower report will be some of the best in a long time.

So, why are we seeing such a good showing this year? It actually has to do with what happened 2 years ago. Remember the blizzard around Christmas years ago? Who couldn’t right? That fall and winter were incredibly wet. Very wet. And the spring was wet too. There were tons of flowers that bloomed that year. The more flowers that bloom, the more seeds that are dropped. Well, they dropped..and waited..and waited..and waited…

Mother Nature got it right with flowers out here. The seeds are drought hardy and only sprout when the right conditions are available. If they aren’t, then the hard coating on the seeds allows for the seed to lie dormant in the ground for many years until weather wears down the coating and the seed can get going.

Last spring was incredibly dry for most of The Southern Plains. So dry that many of those seeds stayed nestled in the dry soil until a better year. Then we got the rain, and lots of it.

So, all those seeds that were dropped 2 years ago are now producing incredible color.But, the flowers only have a little while left before they go to seed and wait for the next good fall and spring rains to return. Could next year be wet or dry? It’s way to early to tell, but if you find yourself in Texas or even in Southern Oklahoma (there’s also some good showing near the entrace to The H.E. Bailey Turnpike). Pull off the road and check ’em out. Even take in the incredible scent they give off. Take pictures (but don’t pick ’em) and marvel in the awesomeness that it is.

And yes, I am one of those guys who took my dog and family.


PS- If you’re on Facebook, become friends with “Texas Bluebonnet Sightings”. They will tell you exactly where to go and will answer any questions you have. They’re awesome.


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