Oklahoma: Then & Now

If you haven’t noticed, Oklahoma is green! We’re now fresh into May and after going through one of the worst droughts in recent memory, things aren’t looking all that bad out there. Check out the image below:

The image above was taken on May,2nd 2011. Sometimes you don’t need to look at numbers in order to understand how bad a drought is. In this case, you can see that Western Oklahoma was very brown during what is suppose to be one of the wettest months of the entire year. The drought was on-going and it’s possible that as the air moved over the dry soil, it lead the drought spreading into Eastern Oklahoma. As the soil dried, the temperatures started to climb..and climb…and climb.  Now, check out this photo:

Do you see any thing different? How about the fact that Western Oklahoma, which was all brown last May is now showing new life, literally! The image above was taken yesterday and yes, the drought is improving and it’s the green grass and soil moisture out west that may help keep temperatures from getting too crazy this summer. Of course, we do live in an area that can sometimes go through extended periods of dry weather, but if we continue to see rainfalll every 2 weeks or so, then that may be just enough to keep us from seeing periods of 100 degree heat…. or so we hope.



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