Oklahoma’s Hottest Day?

Did you know that there is technically a day or two every year that climatology states are suppose to be the hottest days of the entire year? It’s true! Yes, the average high temperature right now may read 94 degrees, but as any mathematician will tell you, that 94 degree average high was rounded. You could technically break that number down into the tenths, hundredths even to the thousandths place with many decimals and thus, could find your warmest day of the year. So, when is Oklahoma City’s “hottest day of the year?”. Well… check out the graph below…

On July 17th, our average high went from 93 degrees to 94 degrees. But, if you think that our average high is actually 94.0 degrees from July 17th to August 12th, then think again. During the next 25 days, our average high will move up to 94.4 degrees and then start to move back down to 94 degrees. The question is, on what date will that average high be 94.4 degrees? Well, if we take the 25 days that our average high is 94 degrees, divide the days in half, that gives us 12.5 days. So, 12.5 days from July 17th would make the date July 28th/29th as the warmest days of the year. After the 29th, our average high will start to drop slowly back towards 94 degrees, until August 12th. Make sense?



2 Responses

  1. I like how you try to explain things in more detail. I would be interested in a discussion of the variation of temperatures around the average. for given days over the years. The more technical term being the standard deviation for those with some statistical background.

  2. I’ve noticed that OKC has not officially hit 100 degrees this summer. Is there a point during July/August that if we do not reach 100 degrees, it becomes more and more improbable that we will?

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